Step 1: Click on the Students icon on your homepage.


Step 2: Choose the student you wish to add a session for.

Step 3: Choose “Session” under the name of the student.


Step 4: Click on the + sign at the upper right hand corner.

Step 5: Choose the date of the session with weekly or monthly view. The app defaults to weekly view.

**In order to use monthly view, simply flick down on the weekly calendar and the month should appear.

Touch the date of the session so it shows in an orange circle. Click “Done” once the date is correct.



Step 6: Choose whether this session will be charged per hour or a flat fee by tapping the correct choice.

*If you choose “Hours”, the hourly rate will automatically be charged per the amount you put in each student’s profile. You will want to enter how long the session is by tapping in the box where it says “Hours”.


**If you choose “Flat Fee”, you need to type the amount the fee will be. Do this by tapping on the box under where you chose Flat Fee and type the amount in. There should be a dollar sign to the left of this box.


Step 7: Type in any notes for this session by tapping into the box where it says Notes on the left. These notes will show on the invoice.


Step 8: Choose if this session has been Paid or Not Paid by tapping on the $. Green Dot = PAID. No Green Dot = NOT PAID.


Step 9: Click Save when you are finished. It will bring you back to the list of sessions for this student.