Step 1: Click on the Students icon on your homepage.


Step 2: Click on the + sign next to the word Students to add a new student.

Plus Sign

Step 3: Add a photo of your student. If you don’t add a photo, a default avatar will be used. Not sure how to add a photo? Click here.

Step 4: Fill in the information on the student form.


*The email and phone number are used in other features such as the student contact page and group messaging. Be sure to double check for accurate information.

**If you aren’t using a photo of your student, choosing boy or girl will determine which avatar is used in place of the photo.


Step 5: Place the student in a group. If you are not sure how to set up your groups, click here.

4a          4b

Step 6: Enter your student’s teacher information. Having their email address handy will help you open the lines of communication with their teacher and keep them in the loop.

Step 7: Click Save. You will automatically be re-routed to the Students list and you will see the student profile you just created.